Specalised Logistics

Legend Integrated is your ultimate partner for land logistics solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your diverse transportation needs. With expertise in general cargo trucking, dangerous goods transport and specialized sectors such as healthcare, automotive, and yacht logistics, we ensure the safe, efficient, and timely delivery of your goods across various industries.

General Cargo Trucking

Legend provides comprehensive cargo trucking services, encompassing seamless loading, unloading, and dependable delivery solutions for a diverse range of goods. Our dedicated team offers unparalleled expertise, delivering tailored guidance and advice based on your unique site conditions and specific requirements. This ensures the implementation of the most cost-effective and efficient approach to meet your transportation needs.

At Legend, we specialize in trucking services designed to handle containers of various types and sizes, catering to a diverse range from 10 ft to 20 ft, 40 ft, etc.

Dangerous Goods Trucking

Legend has a proven track record in handling dangerous goods with utmost care, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of your goods to their destinations.

Our dedicated fleet of prime movers is equipped with the latest safety features and technology to provide optimal security during transit. With a team of experienced dangerous goods specialists, we guarantee strict compliance with all necessary regulations for the safe transportation of hazardous goods.

Healthcare Logistics

Navigating the complexities of healthcare logistics demands precision and unwavering reliability. At Legend, we recognize the critical nature of every shipment, ensuring that your medical supplies and equipment reach their destination with the highest level of care.

Legend specializes in providing comprehensive healthcare logistics solutions, encompassing warehousing, door-to-door service, last-mile delivery, and distribution services.

Our specialized team is deeply knowledgeable about the unique demands of the healthcare industry, handling a diverse range of materials, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostic samples. With a keen understanding of the stringent regulations governing healthcare logistics, we meticulously manage every aspect of the process, guaranteeing compliance and peace of mind for our clients.

Yacht Transport

Be it entering or departing from marinas, or heading for an expedition, moving of boats and yachts entails a high level of professionalism and technical expertise.

With over a decade of undisputed industrial expertise in prestigious projects, professional racing events, private owners and reputable marinas, Legend tailors its solutions to the total logistics needs of the global boat and yachting community.

Our extensive range of risk-free boat and yacht total logistics solutions include :

  • Documentation and insurance services
  • Customs clearance, certified surveying, and reporting
  • Cradle fabrication for secure modes of cradling
  • Arrangements for skippers and divers, ensuring safety during transportation
  • Loading and discharging supervised by a qualified loadmaster

Legend specializes in the transportation of yachts and boats of all types and sizes.

Automotive Logistics

Legend specializes in providing specialized automotive logistics solutions tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of the automotive industry. Our extensive suite of automotive logistics services encompasses customs processing, transportation, vehicle storage in our owned and authorized warehouses, and distribution services.

Whether it's a new, used, or exported vehicle, or the necessity for bonded warehousing, we offer the expertise and equipment for seamless transportation and the ideal facilities for storing your vehicles securely.

Located in Jurong Logistics Hub, our 250,000 sqft warehouse is dedicated to the storage of vehicles and other goods, ensuring efficient and reliable handling of your automotive logistics needs.