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In today’s connected world, with the risk of reputational damage and severe penalties for non-compliance with legislation, Heavy Vehicle businesses are facing a myriad of challenges to ensure that they stay on top of legislative requirements.

At Legend, we offer a wide range of consultation services relating to the Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry and the current legislative requirements under the HVNL (Heavy Vehicle National Law.) Our goal is to offer the highest standards when it comes to leading and assisting the marketplace in achieving their regulatory compliance.

Our core skill is in the design and implementation of compliance programs to meet regulatory, industry and self-regulatory standards. We can also provide regular independent monitoring and reporting to boards, senior management and regulatory agencies on issues such as Legislative Requirements, compliance with Trade Practices and Industrial Relation Matters.

Our expertise encompasses all facets of the Heavy Vehicle Legislation, including but not limited to:

  • Chain of Responsibility Training and Advice.

  • NHVR Portal Training, Permits and All Access Related activities including Road Manager negotiations.

  • HVNL Legislation Training and Advice.

  • Compliance & Enforcement Activities.

  • HSEQ Development and maintenance.

  • High Level Contract Negotiations.

  • Industrial Relations including advice on payroll and Fair Work requirements.

  • PBS Design & Approval Process.

  • Advice, Design and Implementation of NHVAS accreditation including Mass, BFM and Maintenance.

  • Internal and External Audit preparation.

  • Asset Management.

  • Digitisation Initiatives.